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Apr 17

Growing Organic Cantaloupes

Muskmelons / Cantaloupes / Spanspeks / Rock Melons If this article on growing cantaloupes was written in Australia, we’d call them “rock melons.” Or in South Africa, we’d be writing about “spanspeks.” Here in the U.S. we call them either muskmelons or cantaloupes. You’re better to live in a warmer climate for growing cantaloupes, but …

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Feb 01

How to Grow a Pineapple Plant from a Grocery Store Pineapple

Pineapples take time to grow. In fact, once you plant a pineapple stem in your garden, it can take about 2 years for the plant to reach a height of about 25 to 30 inches. At this stage, you can see the plant producing fruits. Growing a Pineapple from Stem In order to grow pineapple …

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Oct 09

Growing Organic Raspberries

Raspberry Facts Growing organic raspberries have a dual usage; berries for eating and leaves for tea. Raspberry leaves can be dried and used for herbal and medicinal teas. Growing organic raspberries contain significant amounts of antioxidants which have been proven to improve your overall vascular health. There are two main types to be aware of when …

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Oct 02

Growing Organic Strawberries

Strawberry Fields Forever Growing organic strawberries is my single most favorite food to grow in our garden. We have 300 new feet of growing strawberries coming into their second year this year, which means we’ll pack a freezer out with strawberries! Growing strawberries commercially began in the 1700’s when a French farmer crossed a North …

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Jul 28

All You Need to Know About Growing Strawberries

Strawberries are possibly the most irresistible and beautiful fruits. Everything about them be it color, texture or flavor is appealing which is why many people love growing strawberries in their home garden. Strawberries are really diverse fruits and are used in many mouth-watering preparations like cakes, jams, jellies, tarts, ice- creams, etc. You can try …

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Jul 23

Diseases That Can Damage Your Strawberry Plants

Strawberries, just like most of the other plants, are susceptible to many diseases. It is really crucial to know about the common diseases and pests that have the capacity to cause severe damage to your strawberry plants. In case you do not supervise and take care of the plants then they will become vulnerable to …

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Mar 14

Growing Soft Fruit – A Short Guide to the Most Common Soft Fruits

No allotment or vegetable patch should be without soft fruit. As well as epitomising all that is summer with their abundance of juicy berries, they make a very versatile crop to eaten in season or stored in various ways to be enjoyed over the winter months. Who can resist a handful of freshly picked raspberries …

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Nov 08

November in the Vegetable Garden

November in the vegetable garden and winter is beginning to take hold. Beds that were filled with late season produce are now laid bare, stems of runner beans have died off twisted around their supports and the greenhouse is all but emptied. However, there will be a few winter crops growing strong. Winter brassicas such …

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Sep 15

Fall Garden Ideas – Checklist For Fall Gardening

As Rudyard Kipling once said, “Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade.” A lot of gardeners see Fall as a time to start putting their gardens to rest. However, Autumn is the perfect time for assessing, designing, and improving your gardens. Consider your landscaping. Fall is also a great time to perform grounds …

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Aug 15

Grow Your Own Edible Garden

If you’re looking for a spring and summer activity that will provide you with healthy and delicious food all summer long why not try growing your own produce? Peter Cantley, a garden guru at Real Canadian Superstore, gives us some of his favourite fruits and veggies that can be grown at home. Savoury salads – …

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