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Oct 17

Autumn – A Golden Time to Nourish Your Trees and Gardens

Autumn is not only a colorful time of the year for trees and gardens, but also the ideal time to prepare trees and gardens for the coming winter. Autumn has ideal growing conditions. Insects and diseases are inactive and the tree takes full advantage of this opportunity. It’s during autumn that your efforts made on …

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Apr 17

Growing Organic Eggplant

AWESOME EGGPLANT INFO Eggplant is in the same family as tobacco, tomatoes, and potatoes. Growing eggplant for food originated in the regions around India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Although in modern times you’ll find most gardeners growing purple eggplants, there are also white, yellow, green, and orange varieties that are making a comeback. …

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Apr 17

Growing Organic Cantaloupes

Muskmelons / Cantaloupes / Spanspeks / Rock Melons If this article on growing cantaloupes was written in Australia, we’d call them “rock melons.” Or in South Africa, we’d be writing about “spanspeks.” Here in the U.S. we call them either muskmelons or cantaloupes. You’re better to live in a warmer climate for growing cantaloupes, but …

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Mar 22

Growing Organic Basil

Growing organic basil (pronounced bay-zul) is both easy and rewarding. We use it as a fresh herb all summer in various dishes, especially Asian and Italian cuisine. Sweet basil is typically the most common variety you’ll find if you’re planning on growing organic basil. Tropical areas in India and Asia have been growing basil for …

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Mar 17

Growing Organic Zucchini

Delicious Zucchini Tidbits Zucchini is a “summer squash” and therefore doesn’t store long term like winter squash such as butternut or acorn squash. When you’re growing zucchini, you need lots of bees. Bees pollinate your zucchini. Some of our friends got only a few zucchinis last year because they had too few bees in their …

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Mar 05

Jobs to Do in the Garden During March

There is an old saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This refers to March as being a little bit unpredictable, with strong winds and heavy showers. Even a sharp frost can catch you out this month. But when the sun does shine this month it has some …

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Jan 19

Growing Organic Asparagus

Amazing Asparagus Factoids Asparagus historically was classified a member of the lily family, along with onions and garlic. It now has its own family classification. The native areas for growing asparagus are in Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, and Germany. If you’re concerned about your health, growing asparagus is a great low-calorie source of folate and …

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Jan 17

Growing Organic Sage

SAGE ADVICE Garden Sage, or Common Sage, is a member of the mint family. There are over 800 family members. In Medieval Times, growing sage for medicinal and culinary purposes was common. It’s Latin family name, Salvia, means “to save” or “salvation” and is also the root word of salve, indicating its high repute as …

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Jan 15

Marvelous Mint – Planting, Harvesting, and Usage

Mint or Mentha is much more than a plant grown to brew tea. The aromatic fresh green leaves can be used in the kitchen to spice up a fruit salad, sherbet, and ice cream. There are numerous other reasons to grow mint. The list includes the following: The rich nectar and pollen attracts beneficial insects …

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Nov 02

Plant Fall Flowers To Brighten Cool November

November in southern California usually ushers in cooler temperatures and possibly rain, which means gardeners can take a break from constant care and watering of plants and trees and instead focus on adding color and fall vegetables to their gardens. Plant Hearty Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums love fall. They are annuals that need very little care. Plant …

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