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Groundcover Plants for Shade

Groundcover plants are often underestimated and quite a few of us fail to realize their caliber. They are amongst the most desired plants and gardeners grow them to cover their garden bed rapidly with beautiful green foliage. Groundcovers are sometimes not used properly because of which they are unable to perform their best. It is …

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How to Create a Fragrant Herbal Lawn Using Herb Plants or Herbs Grown From Seed

Thyme is a wonderfully versatile herb that can be easily grown in a herb garden. Nowadays it’s known mainly as a culinary herb, but back in the days of England’s Queen Victoria it was also frequently used as a “ground-covering herb” – when it was used to create lawns and beautiful, sweeping garden banks of …

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How Growing an Aromatic Lavender Hedge Can Be Good for You and Your Garden

There are very good reasons why growing lavender has been so popular with generations of gardeners and farmers. Perhaps the most important reason is that it has a beautiful, fragrant smell. When it flowers we are all immediately reminded of summer, and in many places around the world flowering lavender is cause for celebration. But …

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