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Mar 05

Jobs to Do in the Garden During March

There is an old saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This refers to March as being a little bit unpredictable, with strong winds and heavy showers. Even a sharp frost can catch you out this month. But when the sun does shine this month it has some …

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Oct 02

When and How to Harvest Pumpkins

Pumpkins bring us a bounty of joy during the holidays including the Jack-O-lantern, decorative pumpkins, pies and cakes. Pumpkin is widely used during the Halloween season for fun festivities and in the Thanksgiving season to thank God for the bountiful harvest. Fall is the time when the pumpkins are ready for harvesting. It is crucial to know when …

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Oct 02

Growing Organic Rhubarb

Growing Rhubarb is considered a vegetable in most of the world. However, in 1947, a New York judge ruled that rhubarb is a fruit, thereby lowering taxes. Growing Rhubarb in the U.S. began in the 1820’s when it was first imported to Maine and Massachusetts. Early settlers took plants with them as Americans migrated West. …

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Sep 30

Fall Gardening – Plants That You Can Grow This Time of the Year

Fall is the time when most of us pack our tools and wait for the spring season to arrive when we can re-start the gardening activities. However; we fail to realize that fall can be best season to grow some vegetables and plants that thrive well during this time. The temperature at this time of …

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Sep 24

Growing Organic Pumpkins

Pumpkin Facts If you’re growing pumpkins, you’ll pretty much be following the same guidelines as you’d follow for winter squash. The most ancient evidence of growing pumpkins dates back to around 7000 B.C. in Mexico. Farmers in the U.S. are currently growing pumpkins at around 1.5 billion pounds per year; gardeners add many more to …

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Jul 24

Garden Plants

From herb plants to vegetables to flowers, this guide has everything you need to know to get started with the best plants for your garden. The 7 Most Dependable Plants For Your Garden Hardy, dependable plants are those that once established can withstand the many factors that happen with gardening. While they may not be …

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Feb 11

February in the Vegetable Garden

There is always plenty of jobs to do even in the smallest vegetable garden as there is no denying that growing fruit and vegetables is high maintenance. So, with more to do there is always more to forget. Plan ahead by getting on top of those jobs that can be done early in the year. …

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Jan 25

January in the Vegetable Garden

There’s always plenty to do in even the smallest vegetable garden. There are some essential jobs to do in January as well as those that mean you will have a head start come the beginning of spring. Whether its getting ahead by planting early vegetables in the greenhouse or preparing the ground for this year’s …

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Jan 10

How to Start Growing Garlic in Pots

Why grow your own garlic? Isn’t it far easier to buy it from the shop? And if you haven’t got a garden or aren’t really keen on gardens can you really start growing garlic in pots? In this article I’ll provide you with the answers to these questions. I’ll also outline some simple instructions on …

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Jan 06

Yacón Tubers – A Refreshing Winter Treat

Are you looking for a new vegetable type for your garden? Consider yacón, a plant with interesting sweet-potato-like tubers that have the texture of water chestnuts yet with the sweet taste of a scrumptious pear! Fresh yacón roots are deliciously juicy. “Yacón” apparently means “water root” in the Inca language, and the wild-growing tubers have …

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