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Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs

Purple crocus flowering in early spring

Purple crocus flowering in early spring

Spring season brings colorful flowers, chirping birds and warmth which makes the entire atmosphere vibrant and cheerful. If you want a colorful display of flowers in your garden during spring then you can plant bulbs. Autumn is the perfect time to plant flowering bulbs that produce beautiful flowers during the spring season.

There are many varieties of flowering bulbs that can be planted in the flower- beds or borders. The most natural effect comes from plants growing in clumps so you can plant several bulbs in the flower bed at the same time. This will ensure that they bloom together in spring covering the flower bed in beholding glory.

When buying bulbs ensure they are healthy and do not have any growth of mold on them. Soft or damaged bulbs should be avoided as they might not thrive and die eventually. Prepare the soil and make it rich by putting organic matter or compost. Remove the weeds from the area so that they do not compete with the planted bulbs for essential nutrients. The flowering bulbs need well- drained soil and they tend to rot in damp and excessive moist areas so it important to choose the location wisely.

Once the soil has been prepared you can plant the bulbs keeping the pointed side to face upwards. It is advisable to put plant markers where you have planted the bulbs so that you know the exact location. You can plant different varieties together and match them up to create a beautiful color contrast during bloom. Some gardeners practice the method of dropping the bulbs from waist height to save time and attain a natural effect.

Cover the flower bed with mulch so that the temperature is maintained and no severe damage is caused to the bulbs during winter season. You will have to remove the mulch as soon as the shoots start to appear otherwise the growth will be delayed. The plants will be in full bloom during spring and they will cover your flower beds with astonishing colors. After the bloom, foliage will start turning yellow and will die eventually. Allow the leaves to dry and die back naturally instead of removing them from the plants. The dried leaves on the plant might look unappealing but you can camouflage it and divert the attention by planting bulbs with ground covers and other perennials that remain in bloom during that time.

Some of the amazing flowering bulbs that you can plant in your garden this season are Daffodil, Tulip, Iris, Snowdrop, Hyacinth, Narcissus, Spring Beauty and Crocus. All of these plants bear strikingly beautiful and dainty flowers that no one can help but notice. You can grow them in your home garden and enjoy the results of your labor in spring season when all the plants will be in full bloom.


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