Oct 14

Spruce Up Your Yard for Fall


Chunky sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and multi-colored leaves — some things are simply quintessentially fall. Others like giving your home an outdoor face-lift may not necessarily be top of mind, but rich fall colors open up a realm of possibilities for creative yard decorations. Not just for the summer and holiday seasons, outdoor décor help create a warm and welcoming exterior.

Fall Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the season is the best place to start. A simple harvest wreath made from leaves, berries and twigs uses the gorgeous reds, oranges and browns of autumn. Accent it with a burlap bow for arustic touch.

Farmhouse Charm

If you want to add some farmhouse charm, repurpose household items to breathe new life into them. The opportunities are endless — an old door that used to have windows on it is the perfect way to display fall blooms in hanging flower pots. A chair missing its seat can act as a rustic flower pot stand. An old set of shelves is ideal for showing off vintage watering cans. And if you don’t have these hanging around, you can always pop by a local used furniture outlet, like Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which has been raising funds to invest in local communities for 25 years.

Autumn Colors

For added pops of color, place pots of burgundy chrysanthemums, purple asters or ornamental cabbage along your walkway. Flowers always freshen things up, especially when the temperature starts to drop. Create a country aesthetic by placing decorative gourds and pumpkins in between the flowers. These will transition well into late autumn, and you can even repurpose the pumpkin for carving a jack-o-lantern on Halloween.


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